Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Music is the Second Best Medicine

"Music is what feelings sound like." - Unkown

I've been so sick lately. (That's the reason why I haven't posted in quite a while.) But, music always makes me feel better regardless of whether I'm sick or not! I only say that it's the second best medicine, because for me at least, laughter will always be first. Today, I've been listening to a couple of artists on repeat, while I lay in bed being sick.
Liv Miraldi

Liv is one of my best friends who is currently trying to break into the music industry! She's a total sweetheart, and her music is so good (and I'm not just saying that because I love her!). Follow her on Facebook and buy her song on iTunes! She's adorable, and I guarantee you will love her.

Liv's first single: Broken Promises

Noah and the Whale

Every time I tell someone about them, the first thing they say is "Woah, woah, hey now, it wasn't a whale, it was a big fish". To this I respond, "Woah, woah, hey now, it's NOAH, not JONAH". Everyone just assumes that they took their name from the story in The Bible about Jonah and the big fish, but they actually took it from the movie, The Squid & the Whale directed by NOAH Baumbach. Trivia for the day! Sorry, I just think it's funny!

Anyways, I lovelovelove them! Their music will put you in the mood for Spring & Summer, plus they're kinda eye candy. I mean, look at how cute and preppy they all are. 

Five Years Time - I love the allusion to The Royal Tenenbaums

First Day of Spring - in honor of Spring starting on the 21st!

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